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Kent Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Professional and friendly recording studio facility available at attractive hire rates. Why spend a fortune on a London recording studio when you can visit the attractive countryside of Kent to help inspire your recording project! Whether you wish to record a demo CD to hand around pubs and clubs or you intend to record an album with the highest production values, Broadwood Music Recording Studio is the place for you. Our friendly and relaxed approach to the recording process means you can spend less time fretting and more time creating! Our resident engineer will always be on hand for help and advice and to make sure you get the highest possible quality of recording while making sure Broadwood Music is the friendliest recording studioKent has to offer!

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Recording Studio In Kent

Mixing & Mastering

Whether you have recorded your songs at Broadwood Music Recording Studio or not we can mix and master your material to broadcast standards. With our arsenal of outboard equipment, audio plugins and knowledge of current techniques we can bring your songs to life. If you record with us mixing and mastering your songs will be incorporated in your package. If you have recorded your songs at home or in a different studio we will assist you to get your recorded tracks into a format we can use and you can bring or send to us for mixing. We don't just mix and hand it over to you....we let you listen and if not happy we will tweak it until you are! Our recording studio facilities will help to get the best possible results for your mix.

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Songwriting Studio

Songwriting Studio

For most creative musicians, even those with home studios, the technicalities can get in the way. Theres nothing worse than having the creative flow interrupted by a computer glitch, dodgy lead or just plain not knowing how to do something! Also, you may be a songwriter with great ideas but no musical ability to make them a reality! Whatever the case, we can help you write your song or compose your masterpiece. Our Songwriting Studio engineers not only has the technical ability and tools available to get your ideas down quickly, but we also have the musical know-how to help you arrange your songs and even help with the composition. The resident engineer can not only help with all of this but if you have no musical ability or lack on a certain instrument he can play your parts for you.

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Music Production Studio

Music Production

Broadwoodwood Music has created and submitted numerous works to various music libraries and has a catalogue of music available for use on media such as TV, film, adverts, theatre and internet. We can produce bespoke music and sound design for any event or outlet and all music is recorded to the highest production values with a fast turnaround time at the best rates around. We can provide music for all licensing models and can even provide selected material copyright free. Our Songwriting Studio can produce music to most genres using real instruments as well as programmed sounds and can sync sound to picture in most current formats.

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Recording Studio Services

Gift Experience Vouchers

Studio Experience Gift Vouchers

Broadwood Music provide a range of prepaid gift vouchers and giftpacks covering a wide range of of music and singing based experience days. The recording sessions range from karaoke and pro singer experiences to full blown band and songwriting sessions. Lastly we do a range of Mix Engineer experiences ideal for sound engineering students. To find out more visit the Recording Studio Experience Gifts website where you can find information about each experience and purchase giftpacks or email vouchers.

Studio Rates

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All general recording studio services are based on a basic hourly rate of £25 p/hr. For longer projects we operate at a £160 day rate. For even longer term projects or studio lockouts please contact us for a (very attractive!) quote. We will do our very best to accomodate your budget.

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We accept payment by credit card, cheque, paypal or cash and please note that master recordings or final copies can not be passed to you unless full payment has cleared.

The Sound Engineer

Nick Wood - Broadwood Music Productions Sound Engineer

Broadwood Studio's sound engineer is Nick Wood. With more than 15 years pro recording studio experience and over 30 years experience as a musician he is ideally suited to help in all aspects of recording and songwriting. His friendly and professional manner will instantly put you at ease so you can get the very best from your project making Broadwood one of the most relaxing recording studio kent has to offer.

Nick plays guitar in local bands The Fecks and The Stress Monkeys and also plays bass guitar and drums to a good standard. For more info about Nick visit his Kent Guitar Player website.

About Broadwood Music Productions

Recording studio live room

Broadwood Music Productions is a Limited Company incorporated in 2003. It began as a home studio in the cellar of Broadwood engineer Nick Wood's home where he joined forces with a work colleague Dan Broad to expand the home songwriting studio setup. They soon realised the cellar environment wasn't big enough and decided to rent an industrial unit in Newington near Sittingbourne in Kent. Dan was instrumental in the design and build of the studio. The build took a year with quite a few pitfalls. In 2002 Nick began a collaboration with James Hawkins and in honour of the work Dan put in Broadwood Music, kent Recording Studio was born.

In 2003 Nick and James started the business and began to progress the company. In 2009 james left for pastures new and Nick became sole proprietor.

The recording studio is based in the heart of the Kent countryside and is easily accessible from M2 and M20 motorways. Situated nicely between Sittingbourne, Maidstone, Medway and Sheppey and in easy reach of London, Essex, Surry and Sussex Broadwood Music has catered for musicians and artists from all over the country. The success of Broadwood Music has been attributed to the relaxing and friendly atmosphere bought on from the warm decor and Nicks relaxed approach to getting the best from a performance. The songwriting studio is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, amateurs and professionals alike and you can be rest assured of a fun and relaxing experience while a fully professional job is being provided!

  • Recording Studio
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Songwriting & Composition
  • Music Production
  • Online Collaboration
  • Band Website Design
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Recording Studio

Professional recording studio facility. Analog outboard gear and console utilizing Mac driven Logic Pro X as recording medium of choice. Fully equipped control room includes outboard gear from makes like Lexicon, TLA, Klarke Technic, MOTU a/d converters and an Allen & Heath 40 input console. Complete with drum kit, Trace Elliot bass rig and Marshall and Line6 guitar amps, guitars, bass and korg Trinity keyboard that can drive an array of sample plugins and synths.

  • Fully equipped air conditioned control room
  • Nice sounding purpose designed live room
  • Vocal booth
  • Onsite parking

The studio can be block booked for studio lockouts and is fully secured so you can leave your equipment and gear setup without the worry of anything being moved or lost settings. Fully soundproofed so external noise will not get in the way of a great recording. An ideal studio for tracking takes you can record and mix your project with us or just record the parts you can't do at home and take away with you for you to mix, especially if you cannot get a drum kit to fit in your front room!!

We only use analog gear including our Allen & Heath console, valve compressors and valve EQ's to track your takes and we use quality focusrite pre-amps as the last item in the chain before the signal gets converted to digital via our MOTU 896HD.

Ideal facility for recording an album or single

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Mixing & Mastering

When you have tracked all the takes for your project the next logical step is to mix it. Whether or not you have tracked at Broadwood, we can take your file stems and mix them down ready for mastering. Mixing is a very subjective task and every engineer has a different method of putting a mix together. There are two options of mixing. Mixing "out of the box" means running all your stems out to the console and running a manual mix utilising the outboard gear to achieve the desired mix. Mixing "in the box", as it's name suggests, leaves all stems inside the computer performing the mix with the aid of software and plugins.

We can perform both types of mixing strategies here but we like to keep in the box where possible for two reasons. One is that "instant recall" mixing is available and, secondly, our plugins will ensure the best possible quality of mix. We have a vast array of software including :-

  • Melodyne
  • Drumagog
  • An array of Waves plugins
  • Softube plugins
  • UAD processor and plugins
  • East West collection
  • Array of software synths ....the list goes on!

We can also master your finished program material but if you have recorded and mixed here we do recommend you master elsewhere for the best results, especially if intended for broadcast. However if not destined for serious exploitation we will perform a more than adequate master session for you.

If you are wondering on the quality difference between "in the box" and "out the box" mixing, take comfort in a recent chat I had with a leading Abbey Road Studio engineer who performs all his mixes "in the box"!

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Songwriting & Composition

Broadwood's studio can be used as a fully fledged Music Production and Songwriting suite. We have 90% of all the instruments you will ever need, either in real or software form, to help you get that elaborate idea out of your head and into a tangible form. The songwriting studio can also be termed as a pre-production studio where you can work together with the producer to get ideas for sounds, instrumentation and composition. It's fair to say that this is what we do the most of. We help people to create songs.

There quite a few songwriters out there who have great lyrics and ideas for melody but who cannot play an instrument or sing. For these people, a collaboration with a songwriting studio such as Broadwood Music is a must. Nick can take on the role of producer and he will help you:-

  • Structure and arrange your instrumentation and song ideas
  • Perform guitar, bass, drums and keyboard programming
  • Help to devise sounds and textures for your songs
  • Find the relevant skills required by sourcing session players
  • Provide and songwriting help you need

It is always true to say that "time is money" in the recording business and with projects like songwriting you do not need the worry about how much it's going to cost you. For long term projects such as this we do a reduced rate so you can concentrate on making good music.

Let Nick help you write and record your song ideas in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere!

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Music Production

Broadwood Music Productions is aptly named because our primary work involves writing, composing, creating and recording music for the world of media. We have a catalogue of original works, not only by Broadwood's own Nick Wood but also from various other composers who allow us to showcase their work. We not only produce music for libraries and content providers but we can also write and record bespoke music on spec, to tight deadlines and high quality. We try to use real instruments where possible and we also have the capability of syncing sound to picture.

We offer both exclusive and non exclusive licensing and in some cases we can offer copyright free licencing.

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Online Collaboration

You don't have to be local to us to use our services. Maybe you have a home studio and would like real drums on your recording? Or maybe you have recorded all your parts at home or in another studio and want them professionally mixed. We have a server for you to upload any files you want to pass to us for just this purpose making distance a thing of the past.

  • Secure FTP server for file sharing
  • Make use of our facilities from your home studio
  • We can play and record the parts you can't
  • It does matter what part of the world you live in, we can collaborate!

Whether you want drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, mixing or mastering ..wherever you are..we can do it!

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Web design for bands and artists

As well as our musical services, we are also adept at website design and programming. Nick not only builds and develops Broadwood's websites but he also has worked for other clients. Specialising in band/artist website design he also designed and hosted sites for a window company, a hypnotherapy company and is in the process of designing sites for an Electronics repair service and a music teacher. His design and programming skills include...

  • HTML, javascript and ASP.Net powered websites.
  • Visual Basic and SQL database implementation.
  • Graphics packages such as Photoshop, Xara and Serif.

If you are a band or artist and need a website to promote your music then why not let Nick give you a quote?

See For Yourself! For more info visit Broadwood Website Design to see examples of some of the sites Nick has developed.

Broadwood Recording Studio Contact information

To find out more about about our recording studio services, simply write or email or via the details below or fill in and send the contact form to the right.

  • Address: Unit7, Newington Enterprise Center, Wardwell Lane, Newington, Kent ME9 7BP
  • Mobile: +44 (0)7732 613471
  • Studio: +44 (0)1795 841426
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