Equipment used for our ADAT tape transfer service

ADAT Tape Transfers

The Alesis ADAT.. probably one of the most prolific evolvements of the music industry back in th 1980's, has been responsible for recording many albums. The true pioneer of digital recording, the small footprint of the ADAT meant it could be used in home and project studio's to bring ultra clean digital quality to the masses. It's lifespan, however, was shortlived due to the ever galloping trend in computer technology but the ADAT sure left it's mark on the digital world. Now defunct, musicians all over the world still retain their old songs on ADAT tapes without the means to transfer to the computer. This is where Broadwood's ADAT tape transfer service comes into it's own.

The ADAT Tape Transfer Service

The ADAT Transfer Process

Our transfer rig consists of one of a number of fully serviced Alesis ADAT's, A MOTU 896HD audio interface, complete with the 9pin sync port required for sample accurate syncing and a MOTU Midi Timepiece to provide the time reference to allow the 896HD and ADAT to properly sync together. Lastly, We use the Audio Desk software that comes with the MOTU interface to be our transfer medium because this is one of the only DAW's to provide sample accurate syncing from the 9pin sync port. Once the first tape is transferred into Audio Desk via this method we simply rewind, replace the tape with the next one, press go and the process repeats but perfectly in time with the first tape. This can be repeated for any number of synced tapes batches.

ADAT Tape Transfer Service Payment Options

We accept credit cards, paypal, bank transfer or cheque for our adat tape transfer service. Please note that final mixes and master files can not be sent unless full payment has been made. For current pricing info please see the ADAT tape transfer services section on the recording studio services page

Transferred Audio File Information

ADAT transfers will be performed at the sample rate and bit rate of the original ADAT tape only. Most tapes normally come in to us at 48Khz 16 bit. Our ADAT tape transfer service will perform the transfer to either.wav or .aif files for use in most DAW's. As the filesize in these formats are usually quite large we will normally send these back to you on DVD's along with your ADAT tapes, but on request, we can also send them by a file transfer service such as Hightail or We Transfer. If requested, we can convert the transferred audio to any sample rate and bit rate you prefer.

How Long Will My Transfer Take?

Depending on the amount of tapes (and our current workload) our ADAT tape transfer service should turn your tapes around within one week. Please contact us with your batch information and we will give you our best turnaround estimate.