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All studio use comes with the price of the engineer included. Broadwood Studio is not available for dry hire at this time.

  • Fully equipped air conditioned control room
  • Nice sounding purpose designed live room
  • Vocal booth
  • Onsite parking

The studio can be block booked for studio lockouts and is fully secured so you can leave your equipment and gear setup without the worry of anything being moved or lost settings. Fully soundproofed so external noise will not get in the way of a great recording. An ideal studio for tracking takes you can record and mix your project with us or just record the parts you can't do at home and take away with you for you to mix, especially if you cannot get a drum kit to fit in your front room!!

  • Minimum hire rate 1-2hrs - £60
  • Hourly rate for recording and mixing - £30 p/hr
  • Day rate 8hrs - £200
  • Block booking day rate (2days or more) - £180
  • 5 day studio Lockout - £800

Whether you have recorded or mixed with us or not we can master your pre mixed recordings for you. If you are recording and mixing with us mastering normally comes included in your day rate or hourly rate. If you haven't recorded with us but wish to send us your songs to be mastered the following charges apply.

As an option you also may want world class mastering engineer Pete Maher to master your song for you. We work closely with Pete to ensure we send him the completed mix at exactly the right levels required for him to do his magic. Whether or not you have recorded and mixed with us Pete charges a standard rate of £30 per song.

  • Mastering as part of your tracking/mixing session - Included
  • Single song master - £40
  • Album mastering - £25 per song
  • Master performed by Pete Maher (U2, Eagle Eye etc) - £30 per song

Audio editing can be a tiresome task and it's only those strange.. bizarre individuals who actually find audio editing an enjoyable and stimulating pastime (like our good selves!).

So if you don't have the stomach to sit and sift through endless audio waves why not let us do it for you? We perform all kinds of audio editing such is cutting and editing existing songs for dance schools and competitions, phase aligning multiple tracks of audio, audio forensics, transient manupulation, tuning vocals with melodyne and much more

  • All audio editing - £30 p/h

We can help you get the very best from your song ideas. Even if you intend to perform your recording and mixing elsewhere we can help you during the pre-production phase to get your song where it should be. Whatever your age or ability we are onhand to help you with your songwriting.

  • Structure and arrange your instrumentation and song ideas
  • Perform guitar, bass, drums and keyboard programming
  • Help to devise sounds and textures for your songs
  • Find the relevant skills required by sourcing session players
  • Provide and songwriting help you need

It is always true to say that "time is money" in the recording business and with projects like songwriting you do not need the worry about how much it's going to cost you. For long term projects such as this we do a reduced rate so you can concentrate on making good music.

  • Minimum hire rate 2hr - £60
  • Hourly rate for recording and mixing - £30 p/hr
  • Day rate 8hrs - £180
  • Block booking day rate (2days or more) - £160
  • 5 day studio Lockout - £800

Broadwood Music Productions is aptly named because our primary work involves writing, composing, creating and recording music for the world of media. We have a catalogue of original works, not only by Broadwood's own Nick Wood but also from various other composers who allow us to showcase their work. We not only produce music for libraries and content providers but we can also write and record bespoke music on spec, to tight deadlines and high quality. We try to use real instruments where possible and we also have the capability of syncing sound to picture.

We offer both exclusive and non exclusive licensing and in some cases we can offer copyright free licencing.

  • Contact us for a quote

The Alesis ADAT was one of the very first digital tape recorders and was very popular during the 80's and 90's. The reasonable price of the ADAT machine meant it was quite popular in small and home studio setups. Many bands and artistes used the ADAT to record their songs and being able to sync ADAT's together meant you could record nearly as many tracks as you wanted.

The ADAT is now widely unused these days but Broadwood retains a number of these machines and can perform a transfer to .wav or .aif file, sample accurate and synced for you to remix your masterpieces. Resulting transfers will be supplied on DVD's or sent via filetransfer.

Please vist our ADAT tape transfer service page for more info.

  • Single ADAT tape transfer (any length) - £40 plus p&p if required
  • Multiple ADAT's (any length) Unsynced -£35 per tape plus p&p if required
  • Multiple ADAT's (any length) sample accurate synced - £40 per tape plus p&p if required
  • Transferred files sent via file transfer - £3 per 8 tracks
  • Transferred files burnt to DVD masters - £3 per 8 tracks
  • Post and packing of returned ADAT tapes (including DVD masters) via courier - £12.95(dependant on quantity)

Please note:- Each track transferred will be one entire length of the supplied ADAT tape, regardless of how many songs are on the tape!

Get your old cassette tapes transferred to MP3 file or to audio CD. Same price for any length of tape, whether it is an old album that you can't get hold of anymore or a precious recording of little Johnny's nursery poem recital, we can transfer it into a format you can keep for ever.

  • Single cassette tape transfer (any length) - £40 plus return p&p if required
  • Multiple cassette tape transfer (any length) -£35 per tape plus return p&p if required
  • Post and packing of returned tapes and CD - £6.95 (dependant on quantity)

The 80's and 90's saw the digital recording revolution. CD's had started coming to the consumer and magnetic tape was slowly becoming a thing of the past (well, back then anyway!). The DAT tape became the norm for finished master recordings in stereo format. We can transfer your DAT tape masters into file, mp3 or CD audio format for you.

  • Single DAT tape transfer (any length) - £40 plus return p&p if required
  • Multiple DAT tape transfer (any length) -£35 per tape plus return p&p if required
  • Post and packing of returned tapes and CD - £6.95 (dependant on quantity)

Not restricted to using our studio premises, we also have a 16 track mobile recording rig that we can bring to you. prices depend upon the job in hand, distance to travel and whether or not mixing will be required so feel free to contact us for a quote!

You don't have to be local to us to use our services. Maybe you have a home studio and would like real drums on your recording? Or maybe you have recorded all your parts at home or in another studio and want them professionally mixed. We have a server for you to upload any files you want to pass to us for just this purpose making distance a thing of the past.

  • Secure FTP server for file sharing
  • Make use of our facilities from your home studio
  • We can play and record the parts you can't
  • It does matter what part of the world you live in, we can collaborate!

Whether you want drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, mixing or mastering ..wherever you are..we can do it!

  • Online Session Recording flat rate - £30 p/h