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For most creative musicians, even those with home studios, the technicalities can get in the way. Theres nothing worse than having the creative flow interrupted by a computer glitch, dodgy lead or just plain not knowing how to do something! Also, you may be a songwriter with great ideas but no musical ability to make them a reality! Whatever the case, we can help you write your song or compose your masterpiece. Our Songwriting Studio engineers not only has the technical ability and tools available to get your ideas down quickly, but we also have the musical know-how to help you arrange your songs and even help with the composition. The resident engineer can not only help with all of this but if you have no musical ability or lack on a certain instrument he can play your parts for you.

The Songwriting Studio Facilities

It doesn't matter about age or ability, when you have a song idea in your head you want to gt it out! It doesn't matter if you cannot play an instrument or can't sing, you still have that song idea in maybe lyric form, maybe a melody, but little else. This is where we can step in to help you. we can help you arrange and re-arrange music around your lyrics, we can help you find chords and melodies that speak what you wish to say. But most of all, we have the instruments, equipment and skills to turn those ideas into a fully recorded reality!

Our fully featured recording facility also double as a songwriting studio by making use of our instruments and software. Whatever instrument you need we can cover it either by having the instruments on hand or finding samples of the required instrument to use within the song. If you are really serious about producing a superb song master the it is possible to draw upon our database of session musicians, from pianists and cellists through to tabala and doduk players. If we can find a player for you ... we will!

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